Custom Cakes by Krystle

From Our Hearts:  Aside from being sweet and caring, Krystal is also super talented.  She works so well with our couples and makes them delicious and beautiful cakes that suit their personal taste and style.  

How They Stand Out:  I love to try new flavors, sometimes it’s inspired by the couple’s favorite ice cream or candy.  Also my cake was televised, but not on any food networks.  I was on America’s Funniest Videos for my own cake cutting (yes, I made the cakes)!  My husband fed himself the cake piece instead of feeding it to me!!!

Piece of Advice:  Enjoy your wedding day! It goes so fast, so enjoy every minute!  

From Their Hearts:  So far I have only met Denni. She is so welcoming and friendly. She was one of the first vendors to encourage and congratulate me when I started my business. I will never forget that. In addition to the wonderful staff, the venue itself is stunning and I can tell they really put their all into special touches and new additions to make it more and more beautiful every year.

What a DEAL!:  I would be happy to offer free tastings ($50 value).

Get in Touch:  

Call:  503-686- 3841