Custom Cakes

From Our Hearts:  Amazing, amazing, amazing!  Did we say amazing?  Custom Cakes always blows away any expectations you have for your cake.  She takes such care with each client and delivers a beautiful and delicious cake every time.  All of the desserts are so gorgeous, you will wonder how you could eat something so pretty, but once you taste it, you won’t be able to stop.

How She Stands Out:  Clients only work with one person from start to finish, this keeps communication open. I grow my own, berries, carrots, and pumpkin that go into the tried n’ true recipes and source local ingredients because I believe that taste is just as important as appearance. I don’t limit design and flavors within reason and welcome new ways to use sugar mediums. I don’t just drop off boxes of cake and expect the client to assemble. I make sure the cake table is “picture ready” and provide any onsite decorating and assembly of cake.

Piece of Advice:  DIY (Do It Yourself) is not all it’s cracked up to be for everyone who attempts it. DIY can take longer than expected and cost more than you thought. Every year, I am contacted by a frantic person who’s “cake provider” backed out, the whole idea of making your own desserts became overwhelming or the cake is melting!  When this happens, I will try and accommodate the order, but limits are placed on the order such as flavor selection or design. When you hire a professional, you are assuring that all logistics and details are taken care of and you can count on them to deliver the service or product you were promised.

And another thing….

If your event is happening on private property or at a park/campground, PLEASE use a day of coordinator! This person is invaluable when a large event is held at such a place and they know how to deal with any issue that may arise.  A day of coordinator takes the stress off family members to think of it all and do it all when they should be enjoying the day. They also can act as a buffer between family members who might like to meddle with the wedding details or difference of opinions. Save yourself the stress of being asked many questions while you are trying to get yourself ready and hire a day of coordinator, you will be glad you did and we (vendors) will too.

From Her Heart:  I like working with the Water Oasis because I know what to expect when I deliver desserts.  Everything will be ready and that makes it easy on me to do my part. I also enjoy watching the children play in the gardens and around the water features, searching for frogs and playing tag. During the late summer, exceptional sunsets grace the western sky and offer a beautiful natural photo opportunity.  Kumar and Rhiannon rock with their kindness, work ethic, friendship, and humility.

What a Deal!:  Free delivery and setup of cakes/cupcakes/desserts to The Water Oasis.  A savings of $50!

Get in Touch:  


Email: customcakes@onlinenw.com