Hello again friends and family!

Just a quick message to thank you for your support and to let you know what is happening here, at The Water Oasis, and what measures we are taking to follow the constantly changing protocol.

​​In light of the most recent ban, we cannot host any event of 25 guests or more for the next 4 weeks (3/17 through 4/14).  However, we do remain open for tours and client meetings. 

**We will be maintaining your safety and ours during these meetings: by following all the current guidelines put out from the CDC and the State of Oregon in regards to sanitization, distance minimums, guest limit minimums.

For all those currently affected by the ban:

1)  We will work with all of you to reschedule as needed:

    • We will try to accomodate all displaced dates to open dates for 2020
    • We will accomodate those who wish to postpone to 2021

2)  After accomodating all our our Current Clients:

    • We might be taking on ADDITIONAL weddings for other misplaced clients at other venues who can not reschedule their dates

3)  This will effect MANY other vendors as well. Please let us know if you need any help reaching your vendors during this time and finding out what there policies are for rescheduling.

Once again, we thank you for sticking with us during these uncertain times and wish for you to all stay safe.

Take care,

The Water Oasis