We are all aware by now that planning during a pandemic is not an easy task.  One minute we can do “x” and then next minute “x” is not allowed.  However, that doesn’t mean we can’t prepare for the best even when we might have to settle for pretty dang good.  

We don’t want you to put your dream day on hold for another year, so please come out and see what The Water Oasis has to offer.  The Water Oasis can host an average of 200 guestssafely and legally – even with fluctuations between guidelines & phases. 

We have A LOT of outdoor, open-air space, to safely accommodate your needs:

We are prepared with tents for overflow seating in the meadow
We can open the walls on our pavilion to create open air flow all around
We socially distance all tables with an open seating plan inside our Pavilion
We socially distance all chairs for ceremony, as needed, in each ceremony space


Our diverse property has a lot to offer.  With 5 mini-venues within our one large venue, you can change things up and move about, without ever having to get in your car to do so.    

Wondering how to get more info or book a tour?  We’ve got all you need to know below:

Due to increased demand of tours and our limited staff availability, due to covid19, we are scheduling most of our tours as unassisted and self-guided.  

What does that mean?  It means you still get all the great information ahead of time (Price Guide, Booking FAQs, Preferred Vendors list, Virtual Tour Photos) with the convenience to schedule your tour on your own time.  We have opened up weekday availability on Mondays – Wednesdays.  And will open up weekend dates, as they become available.

To schedule your self-guided tour now, go HERE.  

To check out our availability, go HERE

To view our pricing guides:  

To get information by text, please text 503-568-8406 with the prompts below: