If you’re having a wedding in 2020, you are probably feeling all the emotions right now.   We get that and we are here to offer you some tips and tricks from our experience with Covid safe weddings thus far.  We have been lucky enough to continue with weddings at our large, outdoor, private venue this season.  More than anything, we want your big day to be the day you’ve dreamed of and we’re hoping this information will ease your mind a bit.

PLANNING:  Planning is key right now to executing your day in a way that feels fun and natural, while still being compliant with all the state and local mandates.

  • Timeline – accuracy and flow are essential
  • Plan for vendors to arrive staggered and wearing masks
  • Safety procedures for you and your guests
  • PODS (see below)
  • Announcements for DJ/Officiant (See below)

Feeling Overwhelmed?  2020 clients: We are happy to help with our IN-HOUSE COORDINATION OPTIONS.

  • We are offering assistance for these items:
    • planning your day of timeline
    • planning arrival and departure of your vendors (and their safety requirements)
    • planning your PODS and Contract Tracing
    • advice for photography
    • advice for safe set up
    • advice for safe dancing

MORE ON PODS:  With every Wedding & Event requiring contract tracing and assigned guest seating, we have seen some great options with creating PODS.  They are the most simple and effective way of checking off multiple boxes for your safe wedding.

  • PODS break down:
    • families that have been in phase 1 /  phase 2 together
    • friends that have been in phase 1 / phase 2 together
    • wedding party that will be together getting ready, during ceremony and reception, photos
    • Pod 1 – row 1 & table 1
    • Pod 2 – row 2 & table 2
    • Guests will be assigned a POD for the ceremony and reception
    • A fun seating chart will help them find their group

MORE ON ANNOUNCEMENTS:    The unexpected is always scary.  Making announcements to let your guests know all of your safety protocols, along with how things are going to proceed, will help everyone feel at ease.

    • Making announcements for guests to stay seated and when they can be excused
    • Other safety announcements, as needed (ie. wear a mask, social distance)
  • DJ :
    • Make announcements for tables to enter the buffet & bar
    • Instructions for sitting at tables and eating
    • Instructions for mingling and dancing

SAFETY & BEING OUTDOORS:   We have ample outdoor space which makes social distancing a breeze.

  • As long as guests can maintain a 6ft distance, masks are not required in all outdoor spaces
  • PODS do not have to wear masks when sitting next to each other at ceremony, while sitting together and eating at the reception tables
  • Dancing: We encourage you and your guests to flow outside into the meadow while staying in your PODS and 6 – 10 ft away from other PODS.

  • Masks and sanitizers have been great as favors

PHOTOGRAPHY / VIDEOGRAPHY:  We know that this area is always a big investment for each couple and you want to get the most out of it.  Many photographers and videographers will have useful tips for you.  Here are a few things we’ve seen happening.

  • TIPS:
    • Wedding party: Since your wedding party has been together for the day, maybe even longer, you will be able to take photos mask free.
    • Family:  Families that live together are ok to be photographed mask free.
    • Staged & Staggered Photos:  looks like everyone is close together (mask free) while still being the 6ft apart

Please keep in mind that these are just suggestions from what we’ve seen here at our venue and from other vendors in our area.

We understand Covid was never on anyone’s Pinterest Dream Wedding Board.  However, we want to encourage you to remember that beautiful ceremonies are still happening even under these new restrictions and we are here to help.

If this all sounds too much for you and you’d like a completely different option, opt for a small elopement ceremony with close friends and family (25 and under), followed by a large reception in the coming year.