About The Water Oasis

History & Owners:


Opening to the public in 2006, The Water Oasis was a small wedding venue in the heart of Oregon wine country that hosted limited events each year. In February of 2012, the family made the decision to grow from a small operation to a larger scale, full time Wedding & Event Center. This meant bringing all operations and management back into the family to be 100% family owned and operated! With new management, renewed inspiration and a great deal of PASSION, The Water Oasis had a spectacular Grand Re-Opening year in 2012.

Kumar and Rhiannon currently manage and run The Water Oasis. Building and re-branding this business from the ground up, they are both proud of the dramatic and beautiful results of their hard work. This wedding and event center means so much to the family because they have a strong passion for building the community and promoting growth through neighbors. Not only have they breathed new life into this beautiful property, they have created a piece of Heaven on Earth for the community and you to enjoy!


Venue Managers:

Our Venue Managers are what set us apart from other venues!  Our extensive training and knowledge, along with all the EXTRA planning materials and access you get from the venue : creates a customized and integrated experience from start to finish.


The Venue Manager is here to facilitate the relationship with you (our client) during the months leading up to the wedding or event day.   Each venue manager works closely with their clients and the assigned vendors, as well as the staff trained at the Oasis (morning and evening teams).  They also work closely with on-site and preferred vendors.  Their job day of – is to ensure the venue operates smoothly and efficiently, while making sure everyone is happy from any perspective of the venue.

Our venue managers help with many aspects before the wedding/event day.  We include a vendor consultation meeting and point of contact for communications after the contract is signed.  About 4 months out: an assigned venue manager will contact our clients to help finalize a final walk through and rehearsal, create and execute maps for reception, and secure vendor contacts.  They also answer questions as needed – available by phone, email, or text.

Venue Manager responsibilities on the “day-of” the wedding or event:

  • Oversee “Venue Event set-up team” for equipment and grounds set up
  • On-site for vendor arrivals and vendor drop-offs of equipment & rentals
  • On-site to greet clients at arrival
  • Troubleshoot and onsite for the full event time
  • Oversee client responsibilities for cleanup & venue responsibilities or “clean-up team”
  • Close down the venue.

What makes our Venue Management style so successful & unique?

Our greatest strength lies in our unique, detailed, and specific version of venue management.  Two important aspects that set us apart:
(1) We build a relationship with you months in advance of your special day.
(2) Highly experienced team to implement our specialized brand of venue management.

1)  Our venue management style ensures that we build a strong and personal relationship with each client.  Part of building that relationship, is by helping with their special day months in advance (instead of only helping on the day of).  Each client will have the best possible experience with our team and venue.

2)  Experienced team & Specialized venue management protocols:  our venue managers are trained in many diverse programs.  Training entails a multi-faceted process that takes at least 1 year to complete.

A venue manager is not transferred to a “lead” position until at least 2 or more years of training is completed.  Each venue manager is trained in our specific and unique venue management protocols (honed over years of experience, knowledge, training in the industry).

** In fact, almost all other current venue management positions do not offer such a comprehensive, in depth management and operations platform such as ours.   This is truly where we excel the best!

Communications and Tours:

Communications and Tour Coordinator:

  • Quickly respond to all inquiries as they come in (Phone, Email, Text, Social Media)
  • Set up tours with appropriate Tour / Venue Manager

Tour Managers:

  • Meet clients and give them a complimentary tour of the grounds, as well as answer any questions.
  • Give each client a Tour Packet with pricing, preferred vendors, additional information.

Morning Set Up Crew:

  • Wedding/Event SET UP:  putting up all tables and chairs, making sure the Pavilion and all other areas are clean and ready.  Greet clients and vendors as they arrive.
  • Property SET UP: making sure grounds are in perfect shape – raking beach, checking on grass and plants, skiming the pond, dusting and sweeping.

Evening Clean Up Crew:

  • End of night clean up – breaking down tables and chairs, sweeping and cleaning, taking out garbage, cleaning salons and bathrooms.


  • This is a full time job out here – to maintain the grounds in every season.   Mowing, trimming, dead heading, treating plants as needed, growing the property every year for fuller coverage of plants.


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