The tent is one of the most popular spots on the property.  From hosting a rained out wedding, to offering a cool, shady location for your reception; the tent is the place to be.  It is a lovely blank canvas ready for you to express your design muscles.

The high vault and white drape lend themselves to a perfectly, classic black tie affair.  Add a mix of golds in to give it a more glamorous look.

Play with the layout and consider some lounging furniture for your dance weary guests.  A checkerboard dance floor serves as the perfect pop of personality for a chic club feel.

Large parties are no problem for the available space in the tent.  We offer a number of layout ideas to help you maximize your seating potential.

The simplicity of the tent allows you to go in any direction stylistically.  Choose mixed metals or golds and greens to amp up the glam and make your style shine.


Go bold with bright colors like pink or yellow.  Pick textures and design pieces that show off your sunny personality.

Play things a little cooler with shades of blue, simple centerpieces and pretty string lights to highlight the beauty of the open tent.

Whatever your style may be, don’t be afraid to let it shine.  The tent is really the best place to show some personality and express your design aesthetic.

There are many locations throughout the property for small touches of design.  Consider personalized signage, antique furniture or pops of floral in the reception areas.

When night falls, you’ll get a whole different view of the tent and surrounding area.  Inside, the twinkling lights and warm buzz of chatter and love in the air make it a truly special place to be.

Outside, you’ll fall in love with the lighted walkway and the wide open night sky.  Be sure to save yourself one last dance under the stars.