Baylee Dennis Photography

The beach and cabana don’t see a lot of action in the way of ceremonies, but these two adjoining areas are amazing for cocktail hour, marriage license signing, first look and of course, portraits.  In 2019, the cabana was shown more love than the past years and we are so, so happy about it.  We’ve always thought it was pretty special and we’re glad you think so too. (Click Photos to Enlarge)


The arched doorway into the cabana makes for the perfect frame.  We love how it changes through every photo with every photographers eye.  Glimpses of the water, touches of the plant life in the foreground, the stillness of the gown, the stance of the bride/groom or the connection between the couple, all these small changes make this one space so diverse.


Inside the cabana, there is a bit of old world charm.  Wood beams, plaster walls and columns and the perfect pendant lights create a warm and romantic space for all your big or little moments.


To one side of the cabana is our very popular stone bridge over the pond. Whether you stay on the stone steps, make your way to the middle or call your entire crew to gather, you really can’t go wrong.  The bridge has been photographed from every angle and it doesn’t have a bad side.


Walk through the other side of the cabana and stick your toes in the sand or stand among the colorful blooms.  While the beach has mostly been a place for portraits, it has also hosted ceremonies, cocktail hours and first looks.


There is so many great photo opportunities in the beach and cabana area, we can’t wait for you to come by and take advantage of them.  Maybe even say hello to our friends in the pond.

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