Baylee Dennis Photography

The Shady Grove is one of the sweetest, most serene spots on our property.  Stones covered in moss, wild growing ferns, and a gorgeous canopy of shady trees make up the natural beauty of this space and give it a touch of intimacy and romance.

Ceremonies in this space really make us swoon.  There is something to be said about a small wedding that is big on personal touches.  It gives the guests the feeling that they are family and doesn’t short change anyone on the feelings of love and happiness.


If you prefer a larger ceremony, you still don’t have to count this space out.  With it’s incredible hidden waterfall and slow, steady stream to the beach, the shady grove is full of surprises.  It’s a great place to capture those couples shots and reflect on the day.  A quiet moment during your busy day is a must.


While our large stone bridge is an absolute show stopper, the sweet, little bridge tucked back in the trees is not to be ignored.  Stop for some portraits or make an entrance with your first look.


Next time you come for a visit, don’t forget to explore back in the trees.  Take some time to sit among the birds, listen to the trickling waterfall and enjoy our little secret hideaway.


Stephanie Ford Photography


Thank you to all the contributing photographers.

Baylee Dennis Photography

Photos by Angie and Paul

Stephanie Ford Photography

Jesy Benoit Photography

Rachel LeCrone Photography

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