Champagne Wedding Coordination

From Our Hearts:  Always at the top of their game, the Champagne planners really have it all together.  Their style and designs always seem to blend seamlessly with each bride and groom’s personality.  Every one we have worked with has been super efficient and knowledgeable.  They are wonderful to have out at the venue.

Why They Stand Out:  We offer our clients a team of experienced wedding planners and planning assistants. We have a matching system to ensure our clients are fully satisfied with their wedding planner and their personalities work well together. At Champagne we believe very strongly in the importance of working with vendors who not only match your style, but also your personality, which is why Champagne offers you a complimentary consultation.

Piece of Advice:  We believe there are many great wedding vendors to choose from in Oregon. We recommend meeting with each of your vendors to make sure it’s a great fit for your wedding vision before booking them.

From Their Hearts:  We love working at The Water Oasis because it’s a very unique and versatile wedding venue. Our clients have diverse styles and each of these could be executed in a beautiful way at this stunning venue in Oregon wine country.

What a Deal!:  We would like to offer a 5% discount on all of our wedding planning packages to all of our Water Oasis clients.

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4039 N Mississippi Avenue, Suite 202, Portland, OR 97227 – by appointment only