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From Our Hearts:  Tabitha is so patient and kind, she really puts the bride and groom and their families at ease.  Time management is always a big deal for weddings and Tabitha is the master.  She keeps things moving, so as to not mess up the rest of the schedule.

How She Stands Out:  While I pride myself on professionalism, I also want to make your day fun and I try very hard not to be pushy and intrusive (unless the occasion calls for it).  It is not uncommon for Guests to say something; like how do you know the bride or groom and be surprised when I say that I am actually the hired photographer because I melt into the background most of the time.  I have also worked for a wedding planner so I will help you with timelines and give you tips on how to keep things moving smoothly with as little stress as possible.

Piece of Advice:  DIY is great and can save some money but also adds a lot of stress to your wedding. I suggest picking one detail that is especially important to you that you want to have DIY and do it.  For everything else, either recruit family and friends that you can trust to get things done or purchase used or from places such as  You can still get the DIY feel without all the stress when you go this route.

From Her Heart:  This venue has some AMAZING backdrops for photography and with everything in one area it makes it easy to have people who may have a hard time getting around at your wedding.

What a Deal!:  Water Oasis Brides will receive a free 16×20 art print when they book their wedding with DellaMort Photography.

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