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From Our Hearts:  Ryan and his crew are such a pleasure to have around.  They always seem to make the guests and couple feel at ease, even when being on camera is not always comfortable.  Their work is amazing.  Flawless results every time.  Click here to see for yourself exactly why we love them.

How They Stand Out:  One thing that truly sets us apart is that our niche focus is exclusively upon weddings AND exclusively upon video. We don’t offer still photography, photo/video booths or any other related distractions nor do we solicit any commercial/non-wedding business. In a field as demanding and fast-paced as wedding filmmaking, where we get exactly one chance to nail each shot live as it happens, having such a highly specialized skill set coupled with 400+ weddings worth of experience absolutely sets us apart from our competition. Brides and grooms as well as our industry colleagues have taken note and voted us “Best Videographer Statewide” in Oregon Bride Magazine’s Best of Bride competition an unprecedented seven consecutive years (2009-current).

Piece of Advice:  The quickest way to improve both your wedding film as well as your photos is to simply relax and ENJOY your wedding day, mistakes and all! As a rich medium encompassing not only sight, but also voice, music, and motion, video has a TON of context and that context can be a double-edged sword: if you’re upset or stressed on your wedding day it’s very difficult to conceal (bear in mind filmmakers don’t have the ability to “Photoshop out” anything!) but on the other hand if you’re genuinely enjoying your family and friends and loving on your new husband or wife it’s also very difficult to conceal… which is a very great thing! So expect a few hiccups to occur on your wedding day (I’ve yet to see a perfect one in 12 years) and just roll with them and enjoy your big day!! Your filmmaker and photographer will thank you.

A Little Extra Info:  All of our packages include both a short cinematic highlight film (examples of which can be viewed on our Facebook at www.facebook.com/focalpointvideo) AND separate, full-length edits of the entire ceremony + major events of the reception including the toasts, grand entry, formal dances, garter/bouquet tosses, cake cutting, etc. There is no additional charge, regardless of which package is chosen!

From Their Hearts:  The Water Oasis is such a gorgeous venue with so many varied backdrops to shoot against. I joke with my couples that they can stick their tongues out at me and I’ll still probably end up with a decent shot, just because the background is so pretty!

What a Deal!:  We are happy to offer any new Water Oasis couples our very popular high definition Blu-Ray production upgrade for 50% off (a savings of $247.50!)

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