Poppies & Paisley Floral

From Our Hearts:  Tamara is so great.  She creates beautiful, unique arrangements every time.  I have never see two look the same, which is one special touch all our couples love.  Everything is always fresh and gorgeous when she comes to our venue.

How They Stand Out:  I love creating grand signature bouquets and I am not afraid to break the mold to create something truly unique!

Piece of Advice:  Hire a pro to do the bare minimum of your bridal party flowers. They are the second most photographed thing in your wedding. You want them to be perfect and they take a lot of time making sure that every bloom is in its peak of beauty and in just the right spot. It takes hours and hours to make all the arrangements that go into a wedding and we want you to enjoy the whole process instead of stressing out and staying up until the wee hours of the morning on your wedding day finishing centerpieces.  In addition, I’d say hire a coordinator! If nothing else then a ‘day of’ even though it is more like a month of coordination. As a vendor it makes things so smooth. You know exactly where to go, what to do, and if you have any questions you won’t have to ask the bride while she is trying to get ready. On the wedding parties side, you don’t want to spend the days before worried about if things will be okay or if the vendors are going to no show. You want to relax and enjoy getting your hair and makeup done.

From Their Hearts:  There is just something about the property that makes you feel like you are at home. It is so peaceful and beautiful out there. It is amazing because you can really make that venue your own and it is just so easy to work there!

What a Deal!:  Delivery/Set up is included for all Water Oasis Clients

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