Steele Photography

From Our Hearts:  A beautiful couple that creates beautiful photos.  The details are never missed when these two shoot a wedding.  They always seem to put the couple at ease and capture their best selves.

How They Stand Out:  We love working with couples that like to have a good time, are in love and don’t take life or each other too seriously. We are a husband wife team that always shoot together. Having two photographers on your wedding day adds a depth to your story that just can’t be done with a single photographer. From the smallest of details, the candid moments, to your grand entrance they do nothing goes unnoticed. It’s your life, your story, your memories and we are so happy to be on the adventures we get to be on with our amazing couples.  We are comfortable shooting in all lighting conditions and feel like our style really sets apart. We offer classic, timeless photos with a touch of a modern feel. Photographs you will look back on in 20 years and still love. Not something you will look and say “Oh my gosh what was I thinking? That is so 2016!”

Piece of Advice:  Love your photographer and other wedding vendors you hire for your special day. Have an unplugged ceremony. Plan, plan, PLAN…until wedding day and just let it all go. Live in the moment and let your day unfold organically. Don’t try to recreate someones Pinterest board, create your own!

From Their Hearts:  We love working locally and in beautiful wine country. We are so happy to call this place home.

What a Deal!:  We offer a range of awesome Wedding Collections & Custom  Designed Wedding Albums. Not seeing what you need? Let’s chat! We can definitely customize something that will work for your big day.

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