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From Our Hearts:  I don’t know about you, but string music is some of my absolute favorite.  Effesenden plays with so much passion and love, it’s like your own personal concert.  They have such an amazing repertoire, you and your guests will never get board.

Why She Stands Out: Wendy offers live customized strings for your wedding ceremony, cocktail hour and more.  Her and her team are specialized in ALL genre’s of music, meaning that you are not just picking from traditional classics (all though those are great too).  You and your guest will be able to enjoy a live string performance of your favorite songs.  Does it get any better?!

Piece of Advice:  I think it all comes back to trust! Since both the behind the scenes work that goes into creating live music and beautiful websites can be mysterious to a lot of people, I work hard to help my clients understand what their options are and find solutions that fit them.  Also, invest in GOOD team members and make sure they understand the vision.  For me that has meant hiring musicians who value people and relationships and don’t treat an event like “Just another gig.”  

One More Thing:  If you are going to do just 1 thing to make your website effective, prioritize the layout for mobile devices.  A huge % of people will see your site first on their phone.  Not only this, but making your site look good on a variety of devices will raise your search result rankings on Google.

From Her Heart:  I’m super excited about weddings in this beautiful Yamhill County where I grew up.  I think the Water Oasis is offering an amazing venue to couples who want to experience the best of Oregon Wine Country.

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