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If you haven’t been to Newberg lately, you are truly missing out.  Not only has it become a quaint little town with incredible food, wine, beer, shopping and cultural options, the people are absolutely lovely.  Spending a day basking in the rich variety that the area has to offer is like eating your grandma’s delicious apple pie made with her special brand of love and perfection.  It will leave you with so many warm fuzzies, you’ll be smiling about it for days. Since we really want the best for all of you, warm fuzzies and big smiles included, we compiled a list of some of our favorites (links included).  Please, enjoy!

Food and Drinks:  Food,wine and beer have become a pretty big deal for our little area and for good reason!  If you haven’t been out to sample some of the goods, you should cancel all your weekend plans and run to nearest winery/brewery/restaurant.  You can thank us later.  One of our favorite things to do with friends and family when they come to the area is to take them out to share an amazing meal and have a culinary experience that is unique to our valley.  We have an abundant amount of great places to taste wine and brews; pair that with the outstanding restaurants and small local eateries for some decadent nibbles and elegant meals you and your guests will never forget.

One of the best ways to get out, see the area and enjoy some delicious libations is through a tour.  If wine is your thing, the options are endless.  You can ride, bike, fly or even giddy-up through the valley.  Check out some of the choices below:

Chauffered: Heart of Oregon Wine Tours

Self Guided:  Chehalem Valley Chamber of Commerce Winery List

Bike tours:  Pedal Bike Tours

Equestrian:  Equestrian Wine Tours

Helicopter:  Konect Aviation and Precision Aviation

Find more options:  Willamette Valley Wineries

Maybe you are more into beer or interested in trying both.  We don’t judge.  Local breweries are popping up all over the place.  Some of our favorites are Chehalem Valley Brewing Company, Golden Valley Brewery, Fire Mountain, Long Brewery, Deception Brewery.  Get more info on these hop enriched delights here.

After all that drinking, you’ll surly need something to eat.  Just as with wineries and breweries, the options for filling your tummy are endless.

For a picnic or to go lunch check out Perfect Picnics or Subterra

If you prefer to dine in, try:  Jory, Subterra, Recipe, Red hills Market, Ruddick & Wood, Storrs Smokehouse, Tinas, Joel Palmer House  Find our extended list with links and brief descriptions in a previous post here.

Pampered & Leisure:  All that running around eating and drinking can wear a person out. Whew!  Sit back, relax or take a little stroll and enjoy some of the finer ways to feel pampered during your leisure time in Newberg.

Massage/Spa/Facial:  Allison Inn & Spa, Ultimate Tan & Med Spa, Mode du JourSpa Bliss, Abba Day Spa, Luminous Boutique Spa (they can even give personal references for in house massage therapists).

Leisure Activities: Wine tasting (see above list), golfing, tour of Newberg, strolling downtown Newberg and visiting local shops

Action & Adventure:  If you prefer spending your down time exploring the land, sky and water through more adrenaline filled activities we’ve got you covered there too.

On Land: Tree2Tree Adventure Park, Hiking Trails, Champoeg State Park, Hoover Park, Horse Back Riding & Biking Rentals, Dog Park

In the Air: Hot air balloon ride with Vista Balloons, glider rides with Red Tail, Helicopter Tours or private landing (see links above)

On Water: Chehalem Paddle LaunchHaag Lake, Aquatic Center in Newberg, EvergreenWings & Waves

Culture:  Learning something new or just taking a leisurely stroll through town is a great way to spend a beautiful afternoon.  Newberg is full of opportunities to get your mind and your feet moving.

Local Farms and Education:  Red Ridge FarmsRain Dance Marketplace & Llama RanchCaravan CoffeeChehalem Cultural Center, Oregon Wine Education Center

Downtown Fun and Shopping: Velour, Pulp & Circumstance, Honest Chocolates, Market BarrelJanis Jewelry & Gifts, Nikki Jane’s Boutique, Social Good Market, Chapters Books & CoffeeCoffee CottageCameo Theatre and 99W Drive-In

Our wish for you today is to try out one new local treasure or get crazy and try them all! Supporting these local businesses enriches our community and makes it a better place to live.  If you are just visiting the area, we say, “Welcome!”, “Enjoy!” and “Thank you for visiting our beloved home”.