Alfred Tang Photography

I think I would call this year, “The Year of the Meadow”.  The meadow has been growing in popularity over the past few years and this year it really blossomed (as nature tends to do).  Although we can’t take credit for the gorgeous view that the meadow offers, we can share some ideas from this year that have made this area even more amazing than it already was. (Click to enlarge photo)


Many couples chose the wood arbor and dressed it up with their own personal styles.  Various colored draping, draping styles, and florals help each of them to achieve the look that suited their taste.  They all allow the natural background to shine while adding a frame around the couple to bring focus to the center.


While the wood frame was the arbor of choice this year, there were a couple other stand outs.  The round arbor with floral was a beautiful touch, almost mimicking the hills behind it.  We also went crazy for the hexagon frame.  It’s sharp angles were such a stark contrast to the curves of the hill.  It was the perfect juxtaposition and added to the beauty of this couple’s day.


We will forever think that the meadow shines all by itself, but we adore the creativity the couples put into making the space their own.  Whether its used for a ceremony space, game area, or stunning couple portraits, the meadow is worth integrating into your next event at The Water Oasis.



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