La Muse Beauty Salon

From Our Hearts:  Desiree is an incredible talent.  She truly listens to every bride and makes them shine, just as they should.  Current, trendy, timeless, whatever your style may be, La Muse Beauty has you covered.

How She Stands Out:  Continuing education with my focus on Bridal and Editorial, that is what keeps me current on the constant changing trends.

Piece of Advice:  Always take your picture!!! I can’t stress that enough. Whether it be the wedding gown, hairstyle or makeup; a picture is worth a thousand words.  Also if you have that image of how you want to look when your groom first sees you. ask this question of your stylist of choice; what will it take to achieve this look? It could be as simple as a little hair padding or it might be more extensive such as temporary hair extension. In my case, I can and do provide both, with custom coloring.

From Her Heart:  The Water Oasis, simply put is STUNNING! The owners are above-board professional and pay attention to every detail, whether it be the grounds or the lovely bride and groom suites.

What a Deal!:  Free 20 minute consultation with your scheduled trial run hair appointment (usually 30-45 days prior to your special day) makeup will be complimentary.

Get in Touch:

308 E First St. Newberg Or. 97132