Power of Love Rentals

From Our Hearts:  This duo has a special gift for creating beautiful settings while applying a personal touch to each wedding.  You can really see the couple’s personality shine when their rentals are on site.  Personal and lovely, professional and kind, you can’t go wrong with Power of Love Rentals.

How They Stand Out:  We’re a mother/daughter team that specializes in helping you create decor that is unique to you as a couple. Plus, we have awesome lawn games!

Piece of Advice:  Have fun! Stay true to yourself.  Remember that this is one (hopefully awesome) day that is celebrating your love as a couple and you are preparing to spend the rest of your lives together. Reduce stress and make sure you can enjoy YOUR day by hiring a day of coordinator, at the very least.

More to Think About:  Don’t wait too long to book your rentals!  During the summer, rental companies get super busy and your favorite pieces just might be spoken for already!  When trying to decide between rentals and DIY, think about the time and expense involved in purchases for creating your decor and what you’ll do with everything when the wedding is over.  If you’re thinking of re-selling, is what you’ll be creating so “you” that it may be hard for someone else to picture using it for their wedding?

From Their Hearts:  Not only is the venue absolutely stunning, but the staff is so super helpful and some of the best
people around.

What a DEAL!:  Water Oasis clients are welcome to take advantage of our Lawn Game Special.  Please contact us for all the details.

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