The Party Pros

From Our Hearts:  Their flexibility, timeliness, and condition of their products are also perfection.  Wonderful variety of items to choose from as well!

How They Stand Out:  Everything we have is on-site in our 25,000 sq. ft. warehouse, which includes one of the largest Riedel glassware collections in the Pacific Northwest!  We also accept last minute orders!

Piece of Advice:  Always have a rainy day plan. We do live in Oregon, after all! We can’t count the number of last minute tent requests we get because the forecast said it would be sunny, then all of a sudden it’s supposed to rain. Nothing stresses out a bride more than unanticipated weather!  Also, it’s ALWAYS a great idea to get your rental order in ASAP that way we have everything set aside for you, especially when it’s our busy season. We always suggest to order enough for everyone that you invited. Then you can pare down that number up to 48 hours before your delivery.

Get in Touch:  

Antasia Lewis (503)844-9798