Diva Matters Ministry

From Our Hearts:

When so much of the details seems to focus on the portion of the day after the ceremony, Dee really puts the emphasis back on the ceremony and the love between the couple.  Every couple seems to be at ease around her and joining in on her infectious, exuberant attitude.

How She Stands Out:

I genuinely love every aspect of what I do!!  Once I am booked with the couple, I am their’s!! They can contact me as much as they want or need. I want them to feel safe, comfortable and heard. From the first meeting with the couple, getting to know all about them, to creating their perfect ceremony script with heartfelt, meaningful and personalized touches, all the way to the day of their dream wedding, I have their best interests at heart.

Piece of Advice:

Even though this is perhaps the biggest day of your life, it is meant to be enjoyed and not destroyed by stressing over all the many details.  The whole process can be more fun than freak-out if the priority of what is REALLY important (the love you share with your beloved) is at the forefront.

From Her Heart:

I like and LOVE working at The Water Oasis because it is a first class venue space.  They have it all figured out and make things so easy and comfortable for all concerned.

What a Deal!:

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Get in Touch:

REV. DEE RICHARDSON 503-998-7481