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From Our Hearts:  Chelsea is a gem.  She handles every event with ease and total perfection.  Always beautiful, always professional and always reflects the couples personality.  Dream Team Events comes through every time for their bride and groom.

How She Stand Out:  I think that because I have a ten-year background in Operations Management with venues and event locations, it helps to be able to construct a realistic event. I am extremely thrifty and creative and can come up with multiple ways to save money. I’m never afraid of anything a client wants to do and can stay very open-minded in the planning process so each couple is reflected the way they want to be represented for their special day while also giving their guests a great celebration to remember.

Piece of Advice:  Don’t listen to all of the people.  Family, friends and some vendors can be very judgmental about your celebration of your love. Ignore it and do what you want, even if it’s unconventional. Respect your family and traditions and gently explain why you may be going against the grain of the family, but do it in a tactful way, especially if those family members are helping to pay for the wedding. It is YOUR day together and the bride(s) and groom(s) should have the majority of the say on how they want to reflect themselves as the reason for the celebrating their marriage. I would advise that you don’t burn any bridges and tread carefully in those tricky currents or you might tip the boat. Wedding planning is definitely a place to pick your battles. If it’s not worth the fight, it might not be worth it. A good wedding planner can help you through all of those obstacles on the way to the aisle!

More Information:  Wedding planning can be a fun, wonderful experience if done in a way that alleviates the stress. Planning the biggest day of your life is not the easiest task and usually has many different parts. Issues will naturally come up. Having a wedding planner and essentially a day-of coordinator will help tremendously with all of the curve balls the day throws your way.

From Their Hearts:  The Water Oasis is the perfect backdrop for an outside ceremony and reception in our beautiful Oregon state. It has all the amenities you could want or need when celebrating your big day but most importantly, the best customer service around!

What a Deal!:  I always offer a military discount for any bride(s), groom(s) for active and retired military service. I offer discounts depending on the event at my preferred venues up to 20% off.

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