Steady State Studios

From Our Hearts:  They always produce high quality work and are a dream to work with.  Always professional and always ready for a challenge.  We, of course, love our venue, but to see it through their eyes was amazing.  Check out the beautiful video they created of some of the weddings at Water Oasis.

How They Stand Out:  We’ve shot nearly 600 weddings in our nine years of business and still make sure to connect on a personal level with every single customer.  We are one of Oregon’s best-rated photography and video studios and shoot close to 100 weddings annually. If your video or pictures are one of the more important considerations for your big day, we encourage you to check us out!

Piece of Advice:  It never hurts to ask. Maybe there is a really great company that’s a little out of your price range; ask if there’s something you can work out. Not sure if you may or may not need a certain service a company offers? Ask what it’s for and how it might better your wedding.

From Their Hearts:  Water Oasis is one of the most beautiful venues we’ve ever shot at. Its multiple unique features (helicopter options, amazing lake bridge among others) ensure that every time we have the opportunity to shoot there, the resulting pictures or video are going to b excellent.

What a Deal!:  An immediate 10% off any individual package or service booked at Water Oasis and 15% off if you book both services (photo/video).

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503 930 8260