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From Our Hearts:  Along with sharing our love for working with LGBTQ couples, Mint & Mirth has got it all together to create a truly inspired and unique cocktail for your special day.  Professional and friendly, they know exactly what each party needs and they bring it to each and every event.

How They Stand Out:  Something that sets us apart is our love of working with LGBTQ couples.  The wedding industry doesn’t often cater to LGBTQ couples and this lack of representation can feel very isolating.  The bar industry is also male-dominated and very few top mixologists are women.  Of course, the best way to solve a problem is to tackle it head on, so we created our own bartending company!  People tell me that being queer isn’t relevant to wedding bartending, but I think it is.  We’re young small business owners.  We’re queer girls making a name for ourselves.  We worked on Oregon United for Marriage and helped overturn Measure 36.  We’re taking on a conservative industry and stirring things up a bit and I love that.  We do everything we can to make our LGBTQ clients feel embraced and celebrated.

Piece of Advice:   I would advise couples who are looking for their vendors to spend an extra 10-20 minutes of up-front research.  Reading up about potential companies will answer common questions but also give you an idea as to that company’s style and process.  The person you work with should have excellent manners, prompt, clear communication, and a list of references you can contact.  Lastly, always put everything in writing!

Something Extra:  How we came up with our name – We love the playful nature of dichotomies, both in our relationship and in our business.  I’m earnest and business-minded, whereas Jennelle is pretty jovial.  She has a huge smile and knows how to get any party started.  A truly balanced cocktail will pack a punch of both tart and bitter elements and we wanted to represent that as well.  We spent a long afternoon of brainstorming on this theme and came up with several iterations of the current name, most of which were delightfully-terrible puns.  In the end, we liked Mint & Mirth best because it brings to mind the freshness of mint, implies duality, and ends on a merry note.

What a Deal!:  10% off workshops for The Water Oasis clients using code WATEROASIS.

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